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The bible: truth or legend, fact or fantasy?
Steroids 65 (2000) 841–846



Irving Spitz  
 In Florence: a landmark exhibition of paintings
by Bronzino.

Jerusalem Post January 23, 2011
In London: a unique exhibit of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci at the National Gallery and of Royal manuscripts at the British Library.
Jerusalem Post December 2011
Two weeks in New York: A cultural diary of some
notable happenings in the Big Apple

 Jerusalem Post March 2011 
Exhibits of Gustav Klimt in Vienna: fascinating Jewish connections of the famous fin-de-siele artist
 Jerusalem Post September 2011
Feasts for the eye and mind: An overview of noteworthy museum exhibits of 2013
 Jerusalem Post February 9, 2014
Memorable museum exhibits of 2013
 Education Update
Fulfilling a filial promise
 Jerusalem Post Magazine, January 9, 2015
Three Giants in the Cradle of Reproductive Medicine 
 Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal, 7.e0017, 2016
European Culture at its best
Jerusalem Post July 31, 2016
A short sojourn in Vienna
Jerusalem Post, December 24, 2018
A fantastic exhibit of drawings and and unforgettable operatic experience in London  
Jerusalem Post, July 7, 2019
Paris in the fall
Jerusalem Post, December 3, 2019
Lest we forget.  Uncovering the tragic story of my family during the Holocaust
The Jerusalem Report, December 27, 2021

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